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Regarding your experience with The Village Financial Resource Center:

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1. Did you receive a response from a financial counselor within 3 business days?
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2. If you cannot recall exactly, were you contacted within a reasonable period of time?
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3. Do you feel that your stress level was lowered after your counseling session?
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4. Did your counselor thoroughly discuss your specific financial situation and offer suggestions?
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5. Did you and your counselor set financial goals?
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6. If you were charged a fee, was it fair?
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7. Regarding your experience with The Village in general:
The Village strives for excellence in every area. Would you give The Village an excellent rating?
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8. What was the best part of your experience with The Village?

9. Are there services you and/or your family need that The Village does not provide? (Please visit for a list of additional services offered.)
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